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Enabling Inclusive Workplace Environments

Hudda Ibrahim and Abdi Mahad founded Filsan Talent Partners in 2016 with the goal of connecting potential employees with employers. The company’s mission is to build diverse and inclusive workplace cultures across Minnesota. The ultimate vision is to enable inclusive workplace environments to achieve tangible and measurable business outcomes.

Filsan Talent Partners currently serves businesses anxious to gain a competitive edge in the evolving global marketplace. The professional team helps clients successfully implement diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace, resulting in new market growth, heightened innovation, and increased profits.

Filsan Talent Partners offer a series of trainings related to diversity and inclusion as well as employee recruitment and retention strategies. Once employed, the staff will work with individuals to ensure the placement and onboarding process goes smoothly for all involved. A key service provided is interpretation and translation and as well as offering a variety of speaking engagements for groups of all sizes. Contact Filsan Talent Partners to learn how your workplace can attract and retain talented individuals of diverse ethnicity and talent!


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