Our research arm helps organizations better understand their untapped opportunities, hidden threats, and vulnerabilities, and how to leverage their strengths.

Our Process: The Filsan Team conducts equity and inclusion assessments and market and social research, and examines economic trends among diverse cultural groups by holding focus groups, conducting individual interviews, and developing surveys in both quantitative and qualitative formats.

Our client collaboration:

Great River Federal Credit Union

The Filsan team conducted research titled, “East African Customer Perceptions and Preferences in Financial Institutions”. The research focused on banking and economic practices of Somali/Muslim business owners and prospective homeowners to better provide culturally aware financial products and services.

Community OutPost

The Filsan team conducted research titled “Perceptions of Southside Residents towards Community Policing”. This research was done to examine the effectiveness of the Community Outpost in the South Side St. Cloud neighborhood composed of residents of color and corresponding property owners.

Wilder Foundation

The Filsan team conducted an equity and inclusion assessment of the St. Cloud region (and additional community-based research), so that the Foundation could better serve diverse families and communities.


The Filsan team conducted market research on the purchasing and consumption habits of Somali consumers, resulting in the creation of the first East African grocery section of a major local grocery store.

Great River Regional Library

The Filsan team was hired to assess the hiring process as well as the job descriptions and to provide recommendations for change through a diversity, equity, and inclusion perspective. The Filsan team trained leadership and staff to better serve patrons and employees.