Diversity & Inclusion Training

Take on the important task of incorporating not only diversity but also inclusion into your workplace.

Our team creates workshop and training materials for businesses and community members looking to invest in topics such as diversity and inclusion strategies, conflict resolution, recruitment and retention of diverse talent, performance management, leadership development, and the prevention of workplace harassment.

Diversity and Inclusion Training Topics

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Fostering an Inclusive Climate
  • Counteracting Unconscious Bias
  • Improving Engagement with a Diverse Workforce
  • Understanding Somali Culture in the Workplace
  • Intercultural Conflict Management


Helping industry build an inclusive workforce and culture


Our full menu of training topics includes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, and Understanding Somali Culture in the Workplace for senior staff/middle managers/ supervisors and human resources professionals.


We partner with senior leaders and managers to create an equitable workplace culture for employees, including assessing applications and the interview processes for their inclusivity.